Undying Affinity


IMG_20160211_150731When I first saw this novel on Goodreads.com I really got fascinated with its cover then I read its blurb which attracted me towards it. They say don’t judge a novel by its cover only but for this Novel it would be wrong to say because it is beautiful outside as it is inside.
I liked the way it get started, you can enjoy university life if you haven’t been to university yet or if u already done with your university then you can imagine your time while reading it… its story is about a relationship between a student and a professor and I think it’s natural to have a crush on your professor if he looks like Fawad Khan. Wish I had a teacher like him LOL; it’s not a simple love story but a romantic tragedy where they had to struggle a lot for their Undying affinity for each other.

“True love awaits its destiny”

I really like the original quotes of this book, Characters are precisely defined…. no doubt it’s a very well written book.

“I can live my life on my own terms and conditions”

While you read any book you feel bored at some point and just wants to close it but Undying affinity never gets boring at any point in fact it urges you to read more n more… every scene is beautifully described specially that red umbrella scene 😉 which is one of my favorites.

I think anyone can write but only few knows how to capture their reader’s attention and make them feel it for real, this book lets you mesmerized in every sentences and it’s quotes are wise about love. I loved the advice which is written on the last page. It’s her debut novel which is beyond perfection I wonder how she’s going to surprise us through the second one. After reading Undying affinity you can’t hold yourself back from reading more of her stuff. I hope her second novel love, an affliction will be published soon.

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‘Reflections Of A Man’


‘Reflections of a man’ is exceptionally written by Mr. Amari soul. Mr. Amari Soul is his pen name. And i’m in love with the author Mr. Amari Soul. A man with such a great knowledge of what woman really wants and how sensitive, loving and harsh a woman can be.
This is not for a one time read only. It’s actually a guide for a successful and happy relationship. A novel to understand the personality of a man and woman. And one thing is that ‘reflections of a man’ is not for women only it’s for men too. Men should read this book so, he would know what a woman really want and what you are giving is just opposite. Woman should read it so, she could distinguish who is the Mr. Right for her. Apart from finding a good spouse, this novel is for those too who recently had a traumatic relationship and needs to overcome. Whether someone is single or in a relationship, every other person should give a read. Such a brilliant book about relationships and a better understanding of your spouse.
Sometimes its really hard to decide whether you should let go or hang on to the one you love. This book can give you a friendly suggestions and it is full of wise quotes with every chapters.
                 “Sometimes, the only person who can help you is you”
Personally, I really love those poems included in that book. it has been written beautifully.
          Today, take control of your life 
          and be the beautiful, strong woman you dreamed,
                      as a little girl,
             you would someday grow up to be.
         Some of you may have already forgotten that dream 
                   and others may have settled.
         Today, I am here to remind you of it.
       Stop living someone else’s dream and start living your own. 
        Remember, that little girl inside still believes in you…don’t let her down.
Mr. Amari Soul nailed it. It is unbelievable that a man could have such a vast knowledge of woman emotions.

Being a Woman

I am a woman to fly not your bird to be caged.I am a woman to get respect not your toy to be played.
I am a woman, an individual not your puppet to be dictated.

I am a woman to be found not an animal to be hunted.
I am a woman of independence not your slave of crime.

I am a woman to be loyal not a joy to kill your time.
I am a woman of success not your honour to be killed.

I am a woman of love not your lust to be filled.

Short poem

Melancholy is not my eyes only but life too
Devastated is not my mind only but smile too
Abandoned is not my path only but heart too
Wounded are not my scars only but past too

One haunted night

She entirely pushed him away

He forcefully pulled her closer

She barely tried to escape

He deeply tried to grasp

She screamed but no one was there

He has killed her innocence already

She nearly died that night

He quenched his lust again

She has left abandoned by him

He has strangled her in every way

But somehow she survived

And he lives a life of guilt

Knowing it was his sister

She hates her brother now

He lives in regret as never before

Lust made him blind

Womanhood made her survive

One haunted night become regretful for both

He dies every night

When she feeds her child


Through your magic spell,

You made my heart melt.

I still remember how it felt.

But now,

You have gone with no traces left.

Let me fly


 If you hold me tight, I might die.
Trust me and let me fly.
Give me just one chance by letting me fly.
You are afraid of thunder and I am afraid of not-to-fly.
Don’t trap me in a cage, I have wings to fly.
I have no map but trust me I will come back to you only.
My wings are blessings, I want to fly.
If you love me, let me fly.
The sky is clear, my peeps are calling me, hope you understand, please! Let me fly.
I too have a heart, secretly wishes to fly; my only dream is to fly.

Interview with “Undying Affinity” Book’s Writer Sara Naveed

Liberty Books Blog

Undying Affinity by Sara Naveed is now available at Liberty Books stores and online.
Web link: http://libertybooks.com/bookdetail.aspx?pid=26371

Sara Naveed is a talented Pakistani writer, Author of the book “Undying Affinity” a love story of a girl “Zarish” belongs to a very rich family. It is really an amazing book covering the chemistry of rich people’s love stories. We are going to talk with Sara Naveed about it. It is a short interview with her to talk about herself and her book.

Q. First of all tell us about your educational background.

A. I have completed my MS. in Banking and Finance from UMT Lahore. Being a finance student, literature always lingered in my thoughts. I’d always wanted to do something in linguistics or literature but couldn’t pursue my education into these departments. I always wanted to be a writer; whether it was about writing fan fictions…

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Koi Ummeed Bar Naheen Aati….


Koi ummeed bar naheen aati

koi surat nazar naheen aati…..

Maut ka ek din muayyan hai,

neend kyun raat bhar naheen aati…..

Jaanta hoon sawaab e taa’at u zuhd

par tabiyyat udhar naheen jaati…..

Aage aati thee haal e dil pe hansi

abb kisi baat par naheen aati…..

Hai kuch aisi hi baat jo chup hoon

warna kya baat kar naheen aati…..

Daagh-e-dil gar nazar naheen aata

boo bhi aye charagar naheen aati…..

Hum wahaan hain jahan se humko bhi

kuch humari khabar naheen aati…..

Kyun na cheekhoon ke yaad karte hain

meri aawaaz gar naheen aati…..

Marte hain aarzoo mein marne ki

Maut aati hai par naheen aati….

Kaaba kis moun se jaaoge Ghalib

sharm tumko magar naheen aati

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